Thetan Arena to Launch Limited Time Special Box

    With the special box, the BNB Chain PlayToEarn gaming project guaranteed a one-hundred percent chance of getting a legendary hero NFT.

    Thetan Arena, a BNB Chain-based PlayToEarn MOBA gaming project, has announced a Special Box that gamers can purchase for a limited time.

    With the unveiling of a special box, Thetan Arena’s core team gives its community some fairly decent odds. When players open the limited edition item, they have a 100% chance of getting a Legendary Hero NFT. On February 26, the BNB Chain PlayToEarn MOBA project’s official twitter account unveiled the special box.

    Thetan Arena’s Special Box will run from February 26th through March 5th at roughly 12PM UTC. A player’s chances of getting a legendary hero with a standard skin are seventy percent. Phoenix with the Rising Spirit skin or Velvet with the Violet Blossom skin are two possibilities. A rare YGG inspired skin ascribed to Phoenix is also available to players with a 25% chance. The ultimate prize, however, will go to the lucky 5% who will be able to obtain Phoneix with a Strelitzia skin. The unique box will set you back 11,000 $THC.

    What is Thetan Arena?

    Thetan Arena is a Binance Smart Chain-based free-to-play play-to-earn mobile game. The MOBA game intends to connect crypto owners with streamers and gamers, as well as being considered an e-sports game. They use a free-to-earn model in which users can earn Thetan Coins and Thetan Gems by putting in time and effort with a free hero, Raidon, rather than spending money on their own heroes.

    Visit their website and the following links to learn more about the project:





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