Undead Blocks – First Web3 Game to Release on ImmutableX in 2023 - Undead Blocks is the first multiplayer zombie FPS on ImmutableX, which allows players to collect and upgrade a variety of weapons to survive and kill hordes of zombies.

    The first full web3 game to launch on ImmutableX in 2023, Undead Blocks, allows players to collect NFT weapons and battle endless waves of zombies with friends or alone. Its console-grade graphics will bring the best experience to players. 

    Undead Blocks is developed by Wagyu Games Studio, a web3 game development company founded by former Goldman Sachs analyst Grant Haseley. This FPS tagged “free-to-play” and “kill-to-earn” was announced to officially launch on ImmutableX, the preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum.

    Undead Blocks is the first multiplayer zombie FPS game on ImmutableX, allowing players to collect and upgrade a variety of weapons to survive and kill waves of zombies alone or with friends. Each weapon has 2 versions, the normal for “free to play” and the NFT for “kill to earn”. NFT weapons can be customized to increase damage, ammo capacity, and accuracy.

    “Undead Blocks is exactly the right combination of innovative tech and approachable, inclusive gameplay poised to give a massive push to the mass adoption of web3 gaming. Immutable is excited to provide Wagyu Games Studio with the full suite of our cutting-edge scaling solutions and toolsets to help make the game the blockbuster title it aspires to be”, said Andrew Sorokovsky, Immutable’s VP of Global Business Development.

    Undead Blocks is still in beta and can be played on PC, Mac, internet browsers and even consoles. The game will soon be available on mobile devices through a special cloud game service, allowing users to play the game with its impressive graphics on most mobile devices without any obstacles.

    In Undead Blocks, users can play with friends or random people and enter tournaments to earn ZBUX, a digital currency that can be used to purchase rare weapons and character skins. Players can also stake UNDEAD, the game’s governance token and deflation utility, to earn ZBUX or NFT weapons. Thanks to the fully integrated web3 functionality, players have full digital ownership of these items and can freely transfer, exchange or trade them at any time.

    Although Undead Blocks is still in beta, developers have held a sponsored community tournament in Nashville, which attracted more than  7,500 participants with a total prize pool of more than 150,000 USD. Similar events are expected in St.Louis, Chicago, Houston and Dallas in the future.

    Undead Blocks has built a loyal community of around 2,500 daily active players, helping the game reach 100,000 players in the last quarter. By leveraging ImmutableX, Wagyu offers players an immersive and seamless experience that anyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they are familiar with web3 or not. Users don’t need to set up a separate digital wallet; instead, they simply use their email address to sign up and start playing for free. In fact, more than half of Undead Blocks players have never owned NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

    In addition, ImmutableX’s powerful scaling frameworks and solutions will ensure that all transactions involving Undead Blocks are as cheap and fast as possible, including gas-free NFT minting.

    “Immutable’s laser focus on web3 gaming, community building, innovation, fairness, and inclusivity has made it the perfect choice for us. Combined with our cloud gaming service, allowing interactive gameplay to be processed on remote servers and live streamed to any mobile device, we are about to make another massive step towards our joint mission to onboard the next billion users to web3”, said Grant Haseley, CEO of Wagyu Games.

    Undead Blocks was launched on PC, Mac, and browsers on February 28, bringing more tasks, challenges as well as countless other new improvements and features for players. The beta version for mobile devices, including its cloud-based service, will launch later this year.

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