What Notable Crypto Events to Watch Out For in September?

    Dive into the thrilling world of cryptocurrencies with our September lineup. We've curated captivating events filled with innovations, discussions, and opportunities. Don't miss this extraordinary journey!

    Here’s a sneak peek at some thrilling events:

    • September 4 – UniLend Finance (UFT) – UniLend Finance gears up to revolutionize governance.
    • September 4 – BabyDoge (BABYDOGE) – Brace yourself for an AI revolution as BabyDoge unveils its latest project.
    • September 5 – Connext (NEXT) – Prepare for an exciting airdrop announcement and the launch of their native token.
    • September 5 – Boba Network (BOBA) – Bobascan is about to level up with an exciting update.
    • September 6 – Coinbase – Mark your calendars as Coinbase bids farewell to BOND, DDX, JUP, MULTI, OOKI, VGX.
    • September 6 – ThunderCore (TT) – ThunderCore gears up for a game-changing hardfork.
    • September 6 – Wombat Exchange (WOM) – Don’t miss out on Wombat Exchange’s cutting-edge project, Cross-Chain Pool Beta.
    • September 7 – Bumper (BUMP) – Get ready to witness the official launch of Bumper Protocol.
    • September 9 – Conflux (CFX) – An extraordinary hardfork upgrade to version 2.3.0 is on the horizon.
    • September 11 – Polygon (MATIC) – Prepare to be amazed by the highly-anticipated Dragon Fruit Upgrade announcement.
    • September 12 – SweatCoin (SWEAT) – Experience the ultimate convenience as the Wallet App launches in the US.
    • September 15 – Ethereum (ETH) – Witness the birth of the Holesky Testnet, a major milestone for Ethereum.
    • September 21 – DSLA Protocol (DSLA) – Be among the first to explore the beta version of the wallet, a game-changer in the crypto world.
    • September 21 – Stratos (STOS) – The wait is over! Stratos Chain mainnet is set to unleash its full potential.
    • September 23 – Hydranet (HDN) – Exciting news awaits as Hydranet DEX mainnet beta is announced.
    • September 27 – Radix (XRD) – Brace yourself for the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Babylon upgrade.
    • September 28 – Stratos (STOS) – Get ready to dive into the world of decentralized finance as Stratos Decentralized mainnet takes flight.

    Several events are scheduled to take place in September, although specific dates have not been announced yet:

    • Primex Finance (PMX) – Brace yourself for the highly-anticipated Primex Beta mainnet launch, a game-changer in the crypto world.
    • ENS (ENS) – Prepare to witness a groundbreaking development as ENS revolutionizes the browsing experience with the implementation of the cutting-edge .box web domain.
    • Stella (ALPHA) – Hold onto your hats as Stella takes flight on the Mantle Network, opening up new horizons for innovation and possibilities.
    • Lossless (LSS) – Get ready to be blown away as Lossless unveils the much-anticipated version v.2.0, promising a host of exciting features and improvements.
    • IDEX (IDEX) – Calling all DEX enthusiasts! It’s time to gear up and immerse yourself in the thrilling testnet of IDEX, where you can put your skills to the ultimate test.

    Game-changing event in September that has the potential to rock the cryptocurrency market:

    • September 21: Circle this date on your calendar as the Federal Reserve gears up for a monumental meeting that could send ripples of impact throughout the entire crypto landscape.

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