Axie Infinity Opened up the Release Feature for Fun and Profit

    Axie Infinity has now launched its Release function, which allows users to burn Axies in exchange for exclusive, limited-time incentives.

    Any game with a feature that leads in the generation of an infinite number of NFTs must also offer a means to restrict the supply. While certain Axies will never lose their worth, others will spend their lives in wallets or on market shelves. Axies aren’t all made equal. Owners may now release their Axies, allowing the former pets to pick their own route forward.

    In exchange for their freedom, Axies return to their former owners rare Lunar New Year goodies. These cosmetic objects are used to decorate the land. The Assorted Firecrackers, Traditional Snack Box, and Blossom Tree are abundant, while the Lucky Lantern and Crimson Tiger are rare.

    These are all one-of-a-kind, limited-edition goods! Even though several of the things have similar rarity, that doesn’t ensure they’ll appear at the same time. The chances of obtaining each sort of gift are listed below.

    • Assorted Firecrackers (35%)
    • Traditional Snack Box (35%)
    • Blossom Tree (20%)
    • Lucky Lantern (9%)
    • Crimson Tiger (1%)

    Each Axie ensures one of the five goods as well as a chance to win a prize in an unique raffle. The winner of the raffle will get 5 Axie Origin Coins (AOC). The lucky owner can exchange these five coins for one Origin Axie! 10 Kitsune Mystic land pieces and 100 Epic land things are among the other rewards.

    I’m sure Axie breeders all across the world are ecstatic with this news! Adding a burn function to an otherwise limitless supply of Axies is a smart move for the ecosystem in the long run. While this event will only last a month, from January 20th to February 20th, 2022, expect to see more such events in the future.

    What is Axie Infinity?

    Axie Infinity is a monster breeding and fighting game. Axie Infinity started up on the Ethereum network, but in 2021, they switched to the Ronin sidechain and introduced a staking mechanism for their AXS governance coin. Players in the game employ three Axie NFTs to engage opponents in both PvE and PvP, collecting Smooth Love Potions in the process (SLP). SLP is used by players to breed young Axies. Furthermore, parent Axies can only have a limited number of offspring.

    For many people in nations like the Philippines, earning SLP tokens has become a source of income. Third-party organizations, such as Yield Guild Games, are developing tools and networks to foster actual play for profit. Loaning out Axies as’scholarships’ has been a common practice for generating value for Axie owners while also giving play-to-earn chances for folks who would not otherwise be able to finance an Axie squad.

    With over 2.9 million players, the community is expected to continue to expand, especially with land gameplay in the horizon!

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