DefiHorse Announces Partnership with Exnetwork Capital

    DefiHorse proudly announces the partnership with Exnetwork Capital as the strong backer and investor.

    DefiHorse is proud to announce partnership with Exnetwork Capital as a strong backer and investor. This is an important collaboration that makes the project even more remarkable with the vision of making a revolution with a new concept of Tap-To-Earn (T2E). The rapid expansion of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has begun a new era of integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming and farming principles in the form of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. play for money (P2E). P2E games only started to actively develop this year, but there are already a lot of alternatives for gameplay and plot in P2E games.

    DefiHorse believes that the partnership with Exnetwork Capital, a multi-faceted, hyper-connected organization that has a long history of incubating and consulting blockchain projects, will be a long-term and fruitful partnership. Exnetwork Capital is not only interested in the DefiHorse project, but also has great investment and support.

    About DefiHorse

    DefiHorse is a horse racing Metaverse e-sports game built on Blockchain and NFT technology. Players will be able to experience and enjoy horse racing to a whole new level when joining DefiHorse. The game offers you majestic Legendary War Horses that you use to compete in infinite Cyberpunk horse races.

    DefiHorse’s TAP TO EARN system allows users to directly interact with the game, enhancing the character’s experience. During the race, in addition to equipping items and breeding horses, players can interact with reality to help their steed outperform other competitors. There are also additional aspects in the game, such as the Horseverse, which allows the user to purchase land, buy stables, or select and arrange their own horse races. Because it is a unique system that only DefiHorse has, this game is predicted to become the next big thing in the world of NFT horse racing games.

    About Exnetwork Capital

    Exnetwork Capital is an investment firm focused on funding innovation in the decentralized movement. A hybrid fund, social network of investors and an incubator, Exnetwork Capital has been a key ingredient in the success of many projects launched since 2018.

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