DeFiHorse – Empower Players and Creators to the Next Level of Horse Racing

    DeFiHorse is not only a game but also a thrilling race that you cannot find anywhere else.

    DeFiHorse Overview

    DeFiHorse is a metaverse Esports game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs that empowers players and creators to the next level of horse racing.

    DeFiHorse is set in the year 2099 when four major technology corporations plot to overthrow the global government. For many years, they have secretly researched and exclusively used the most advanced technologies such as Gene Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Quantum Technology and Space-Time Technology.

    Once these four corporations join forces, no government can defeat them. As a result, the world witnessed a fierce battle for power. They use advanced technology to create generations of bio-engineered steeds. Whenever there is a dispute over resources or interests between corporations, a race will be held.


    However, what these corporations are worried about is the self-evolution of the steeds. Although they are bio-engineered steeds, they have emotional evolution. They have feelings and begin to bond with their riders like flesh-and-blood horses. They give the rider both absolute loyalty and boundless power. 

    There are no boundaries for gamers to discover and create their own style of play, earn, raise steeds, connect with other platforms, etc. DeFiHorse allows you to expand your creative possibilities as much as possible.

    Development Team

    DeFiHorse is led by an experienced team who have more than 10 years working in the fields of Investment, Advertising, and Marketing. Advisors are also leading experts in the field of mobile and digital gaming.

    DeFiHorse Token

    The DFH token is a BSC-based fungible cryptographic token. A fungible token is one that may be exchanged for other tokens of the same type so that one DFH token has the same value and properties as any other single DFH token.

    Token Alllocation


    Here are roadmaps of DeFiHorse in 2021 and 2022. As planned, the Private Sale will be opened right in this November.

    Roadmap 2021
    Roadmap 2022

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