DeFiHorse – How to Get a Rare Horse Through Bloodline Inheritance?

    Wonder why Chaos is the rarest bloodline in DeFiHorse? Find the answer below.

    In DeFiHorse, each NFT horse has special features that bring unique experiences to players. There are 4 bloodlines, including The Chaos, The Poseidon, The Titan and The Heroic. While Chaos is the rarest bloodline, accounting for only 6%, Heroic is the most popular, accounting for 44% of all horses.

    So have you ever wondered why Chaos is the rarest bloodline in DeFiHorse? The answer simply lies in the breeding table below:

    As born only from a purebred father and mother, the rate of breeding Chaos is counted in parts per million.

    As the purest blood, the children of Chaos inherit many powers and advantages from their purebred parents; thus, they have a significantly high value. 

    Horse owners can use this table to define what type of bloodlines of offsprings and build a breeding strategy for themselves. So, what is the first F1 bloodline you’ll have, DeFiHorse racers?

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