DeFiHorse – Poseidon: God of the Sea

    While Chaos stepped throughout the distant Galaxy, Titan created the Earth, in the deep ocean, Poseidon was day and night guarding the peace of the sea.

    After the world was formed, the Titan horses chose to stay on earth and breed with each other to create the Poseidon breed. The Poseidon, known as the God of the sea, who keeps the big blue world carefree.

    “The waves would never hit the shore without Poseidon’s roar

    Lightning would never shine to guide riders without Poseidon’s gaze.”

    Each individual in the Poseidon breed has different characteristics and is dominant in a certain area. Some have the power of thunder, some control the ocean – 16 thoroughbreds of Poseidon were created to help The Corps rule the 5 big oceans.

    Come to the Auction to see with your naked eyes the harmonious shape of the sea – The Ultra-rare Poseidon! The most beautiful creatures from the deep ocean appear only once, don’t miss it!

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