Google Launches Countdown Clock for The Merge As Searches Reach All-time High - Google has added a countdown clock to its search engine to support The Merge, the most significant upgrade in Ethereum’s history.

    In a Twitter post on Sep 10, Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla revealed that a countdown clock for Ethereum’s The Merge now went live in Google Search Engine. It means that once users search for “The Merge”, “Ethereum Merge” or other related keywords, Google will display not only search results but also a countdown timer along with hash rate, current difficulty, and current merge difficulty.

    The addition of Google proves that interest in The Merge has not only been in the crypto space but also has extended globally. In fact, topics related to The Merge have exploded over the past month with a series of events and mixed reactions of leading crypto companies. Therefore, Google predicts that Ethereum will continue to be a hot trend in the coming days.

    As explained by Sam Padilla, he was just the guy who kicked off the idea and then the search and labs team internally built out the search feature.

    At the time of writing, searches for “Ethereum Merge” are still increasing strongly and consistently in the top the most searched keywords for the past two months. Searches related The Merge even surpassed Ethereum, which has been fluctuating sideways and seems to be decreasing since June 2022.

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