Heroes of the Land’s First Limited Legendary NFT, Auction @ Babylons Launchpad - Heroes of the Land bringing A New Concept of Earning in the Blockchain World is described as “the first MMO RTS game”. That new approach promises to bring multiple profits, even triple than usual GameFi. This February, Heroes of the Land starts many beneficial campaigns for the community, including the first Limited Legendary NFT Auction.

    First Limited Legendary NFT, Auction @ Babylons Launchpad

    Heroes of the Land will be hosting their first-ever NFT Auction on Babylons Launchpad, which begins at 12:00 (UTC) February 28th and runs until 12:00 (UTC) March 1st. Bids are accepted for two kinds of NFTs, including Legendary Hero and Legendary Land, which are the most valuable NFTs and will drastically boost in the game experience. 

    Heroes of the Land’s First Limited Legendary NFT Auction

    Choosing a real-time strategy game genre makes the artwork have to go a different way: not cute, not big eyes with a wide mouth, but need to be realistic, sharp, and powerful human-like.

    This pattern is clearly shown in the game with two main NFTs: Hero NFT and Land NFT. 

    In this auction, Legendary NFTs, for instance, are one-of-a-kind creations that are in great demand due to the fact that there are only 1% of Legendary in the whole game. Normally, the odds to get Legendary NFT in-game are very tight, but through this auction, you will be the one who gets this valuable NFT straightaway. The start price for Legendary Hero is $1,000 and Legendary Land is $5,000. 

    Once you have the Legendary NFT in your hand, you completely become the strongest Hero or the powerful Lord, or both, have multiple ways to earn multiple profits which are mentioned below. Moreover, each piece was tied to its own NFT — a kind of digital receipt that allows its owner to resell the item later on.

    Legendary Hero – Write the history of your kingdom from blood, then golden era

    Hero is an indispensable character in any epic world game. And Legendary Hero is the strongest creature, responsible for all the biggest wars that can reshape the order of the world.

    Depending on the rarity type of Hero, each Hero’s level upgrade will be added a certain number of points to the stats. So not like those others, the Legendary one has the highest statistics in total, which means gamers have got the most powerful champion. 

    Moreover, a great leader deserves to own extraordinary mighty armies and troops. They have the capacity to hire a large number than usual of different races to build up armed forces with boundless strength and abilities that complement each other. Of course, who does not want to be a part of a winning team?

    Those who own Legendary Hero can dive into the hard-core epic world while still making a lot of money with different game modes in-game (PvP, PvE, Clan vs Clan, Tournament/ Guilds) by knocking out NPC and Hero opponents, the player can receive more tokens, signature items, and reward from Lord as a reward for victory than other types of Heroes. And who can win more in any battle than the strongest one?

    Wake up, explore and battle throughout all the lands right away!

    Legendary Land – The secret factor of the largest empire

    Every great monarch knows the importance of picking the richest land to start his own path. A potential territory with a lot of resources and favorable trade routes is the key to raising a grandiose kingdom.

    Legendary Land is located near the central location, where there are many advantages of terrain and abundant in resources more than in suburban area. Besides, around the central land, has more advanced public constructions such as Hospital, Barracks, Market,.. What a convenient for gamers, is they can easily join events, tournaments, travel to some centralized buildings in a quick ride. More than that, being near the central area, gamers have many ways that ease move between regions and even neighboring lands of other races. 

    Can’t forget to mention that, the Landowner, which is called Lord. When you have a Land NFT, you can explore the power of the Lord.

    Lord start their own in-game blockchain business association like an independent guild and grow to a Kingdom. Lord is allowed to set the share rate by letting Worker and Hero lease the Land to mine resources and go battles. Normally, Lord could receive at least 30% tax fee through that process, as the high amount of passive income will be there right in your pocket. 

    And when Lord is confident enough about his warrior’s qualities and inner potential, he launches the conquering land to expand territory and earn billion even more.

    Don’t miss the chance to dominate the game in the first place!

    All of these benefits above show why you should invest in Legendary NFT in Heroes of the Land: Smart investors can earn multiple profits in multiple ways. As with all investments, it is important to assess every aspect of your planned business. Time is money, there is no time to lose, become the first one who owns Legendary Land in the Auction to start your earning path in the blockchain world. 

    Main Rules

    • Auction Period: Within 1 day – 12:00 February 28th – 12:00 (UTC) March 1st. 
    • Launchpad: Babylons
    • Bids placed outside the auction period will not be counted or refunded. 
    • The minimum bid is $1,000 for Legendary Hero and $5,000 for Legendary Land. Bids that do not reach the minimum bid will not be counted.
    • Bids are not adjustable or withdrawn.

    About Babylons Launchpad

    Babylons is the first community-governed NFT marketplace and the leading blockchain game aggregator on the BSC, with its 100+ gaming partners and a young and active following of Gamefi enthusiasts. For its gaming partners, Babylons offers Initial NFT Offering (INO) hosting and secondary sales services tailored to their exact needs. Babylons has a vibrant gaming community that is eager to participate in new gaming projects’ private, public token offerings & IDOs; while the platform aims to democratize this process with its innovative mechanisms. Babylons’ developers are some of the best in the industry, and the platform provides BaaS solutions to many of its partners.

    About Heroes of the Land

    Heroes of the Land, which is developed by Heroesoft Inc, is the first MMO real-time strategy (RTS) game in the market bringing A New Concept of Earning in the Blockchain World. Heroes of the Land is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, bringing back memories of epic real-time strategy games like army construction, territory expansion, defense, and resource protection, such as Heres of Might, Magic 3, Rise of Kingdoms, and others. 

    Heroesoft Inc brings a new experience to the gaming community

    Heroes of the Land with different game modes promising to support the requirements of all types of gamers. The in-game items are all NFT backed, meaning that everything in the game can be tracked and traded via blockchain technology.

    Follow official Heroes of the Land social media to get our latest news about all in-coming projects:

    More than just investing and making money, the structure Heroes of the Land is also a great bridge linking the development of quality real-time strategy games and increasing the experience for the NFT series. Promising in the future, it will change the prejudice about NFT gameplay and appeal to more traditional gamers. This Limited Legendary NFT Auction is one of their first moves to go to the market and bring A New Concept of Earning to the community.

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