Illuvium – Perfect Combination of Auto Battle and Open World

    Illuvium is one of the most anticipated blockchain games now. With the perfect combination of many elements, including role-playing, collectible, auto-battle, NFT and play-to-earn, Illuvium offers players not only the chance to earn profits but also exciting experiences.

    Overview of Illuvium

    Illuvium is an open world RPG that combines elements of monster collecting and autobattling. Launched on PC and Mac in 2022, it takes place in a sci-fi world with seven different landscapes and features over 100 creatures known as Illuvials.

    Players explore the world of Illuvium and find in-game creatures and NFT items. These items can be used to participate in battles and quests, giving the owner an edge over other players. Additionally, since all in-game items are NFTs, they can be offered for sale on NFT marketplaces. Players also have the option to trade or purchase these NFTs on IlluvDEX, the game’s decentralized marketplace.

    As mentioned above, Illuvium has a total of seven different landscapes and over 100 Illuvials divided into 5 affinities (Water, Earth, Fire, Nature, and Air) and 5 classes (Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion and Empath). Each class has its own strengths and will maximize power if you put it in a decent squad. Players are encouraged to train and upgrade their Illuvials so that they can evolve to a more powerful form. 

    Illuvium was co-founded by Kieran Warwick, a blockchain pioneer and advocate, and Aaron Warwick, a game designer. The development team also includes some notable names in the industry such as Nate Wells, Basil Gorin, and John Avery.


    Illuvium released its private beta in early 2022, allowing some selected players to participate in the auto battle mode and test the game. Early June, Illuvium successfully finished its virtual land sale. The  game sold 19,969 land plots via dutch auctions, a popular auction method in which prices are determined through bids, not sellers. The game has raised more than 72 million USD from the virtual land sale.

    How does Illuvium work?

    Illuvium has three modes, including Arena, Zero and Overworld. Illuvium Overworld, currently in Private Beta, lets players explore seven alien worlds, gather a variety of resources, and hunt Illuvials. 

    Illuvium Zero is another mode that is currently under construction. This mode allows the player to use their land plots to produce the resources needed in the Overworld mode, such as fuel and cosmetic blueprints for skins.

    Finally, Illuvium Arena, also in the Private Beta phase, is divided into 3 smaller game modes, including Survival, Ascendant and Leviathan. Survival mode allows players to build a team with the aim to fight and survive against countless waves of powerful Illuvial. The Ascendant and Leviathan modes, which have not yet been released, work like premium eSport modes that are suitable for hardcore players.

    Illuvium NFTs

    Illuvium aims to set itself apart from other games by combining with NFT. As a result, all in-game items, from Illuvials to weapons and even skin blueprints, are NFTs, allowing players to trade them on markets.

    Obviously, the most valuable NFTs in the game are Pokemon-like creatures, Illuvials. Since Illuvium hasn’t launched yet and players haven’t been able to explore the game world and unlock Illuvials, these NFTs are currently unavailable.

    However, the decentralized autonomous organization Illuvium (DAO), the game’s decentralized developers, has created a collection of promotional and decorative NFTs. These NFTs can be accessed through marketplaces like OpenSea.

    Illuvium Token

    Illuvium’s native token is ILV, an ERC-20 token that can be used for governance, meaning holders can vote on proposals related to the game. There is also escrowed ILV, or sILV, which is an alternative to ILV that can be obtained as a yield when staking coins.

    ILV has a maximum supply of 10,000,000 and a circulating supply of about 650,000. Illuvium DAO started distributing tokens in mid-2021, selling 20% of ILV’s supply in seed rounds.

    DAO has also allocated 15% of ILV’s supply to developers, another 15% to the treasury, 10% to a launchpad for incoming investors, and the remaining 40% to in-game rewards and yield-farming.

    Players can get ILV tokens by purchasing them on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Besides governance, ILV tokens also allow holders to participate in staking and yield farming. Players can then claim their staking rewards in ILV or sILV.

    If a staker chooses to receive rewards in the form of ILV, the rewards will have a lock-up period of one year. On the other hand, stakers can get instant access to their rewards if they claim them with sILV.

    To sum up, Illuvium is an exciting game with compelling gameplay combined with the opportunity to gain profits through NFTs and play-to-earn mechanism. The game is still in beta and will probably announce new updates soon.

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