Ninneko – An enchanting NFT RPG on Binance Smart Chain

    Ninneko is an exciting NFT role-playing game on Binance Smart Chain, which allows players to nurture a bundle of adorable ninja cats named Ninneko and earn real money.

    1. What is Ninneko?

    Ninneko is an NFT RPG on Binance Smart Chain. Players will find themselves in a mysterious village buried deep in the forest and spend hours raising adorable Ninja Cats called Ninneko. The player can then build a strong lineup of Ninneko to defeat enemies through PvP/PvE battles and campaigns. By this way, Ninneko not only gives players moments of relaxation but also the opportunity to earn real money.

    2. Development team

    Starting with just 3 young gamers who dreamed of bringing local culture to the gaming world, Ninneko’s development team has now expanded to 30 members. All of them are experienced in developing large-scale role-playing games, the most prominent of which is Kungfu Feet, which won the national TV game contest Blue Bird 2015.


    3. Ninneko

    As its name suggests, the main characters of Ninneko are ninja cats. “Ninneko” is a quirky portmanteau of “ninja” and “neko”, derived from the Japanese word ninbyō (Ninja Cat). Players can own the new Ninneko in 2 ways:

    • Buy Ninneko from Market: Only NFT Ninneko can be sold in Market. Players can use BNB tokens to buy Ninneko at (Market will be opened after the game launches).
    • Breed: Ninnekos can breed together to get a new offspring.

    Ninneko Classification

    Ninnekos are divided into 6 different factions based on the elements of nature: Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth, and Yin Yang. These factions have a restrained relationship: Thunder against Earth, Earth against Wind, Wind against Water, Water against Fire, Fire against Thunder. When fighting restrained Ninnekos, the player takes 30% more damage in the battle.

    Based on skills, Ninneko is also divided into 5 classes: Warrior, Mage, Support, Ranger, and Assassin.



    Each Ninneko is a special NFT cat made up of a rare combination of attributes (body parts): mouth, eyes, fur, hands, ears, and tail. Ninneko’s appearance is determined by Cattributes in its genetic code.


    For each cattribute, Ninneko possesses 3 genes. The primary gene (P), is the visible trait, the remaining two genes (H1, H2) are Ninneko’s hidden traits. Genes are primary or hidden based on their position in the Ninneko genome sequence.

    Genes are either primary or hidden based on their location in Ninneko’s genome sequence. The primary gene has a higher chance of getting passed on to a Ninneko’s offspring while the hidden gene has a lower chance. The primary genes determine the cat’s appearance. The hidden traits aren’t visible in Ninneko’s appearance but may get inherited by the offspring.


    Each Ninneko can be bred up to 6 times. To breed, players have to spend some NINO and MATA as fees, depending on how many times the Ninneko have been bred.


    4. Ninneko Token


    Matatabi Token (MATA) a BEP-20 token that is used as a currency in Ninneko game. MATA can be used to create new Ninneko and purchase items. Players receive MATA through gameplay, for example by winning PvP matches.


    Ninneko Token (NINO) is a BEP-20 utility/governance token for the Ninneko game. The aim of NINO is to provide a convenient mode of payment and settlement between the participants who interact in the ecosystem of Ninneko Games. Users who own NINO can participate in the submission of proposals and vote on features and parameters of the game. These players will be entitled to receive NINO token governance rewards.

    5. Play to Earn

    Idling: Players can earn MATA tokens by logging into the game, collecting resources, and stacking NFT Ninneko.

    Battling: Through PvP features (campaign, quest, etc) players can get arena tickets. If you win in PvP arenas, you will receive a reward of MATA tokens.

    Breeding: Players can breed the Ninneko to create new offspring with outstanding characteristics. Selling them on the Market will help players get BNB tokens.


    Ninneko is expected to open Alpha Test in December this year and Open Beta in January next year. Find out more information about the game at:






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