Polo – Horse Hobby of China’s Billionaires

    Golf is no longer the only luxury sport, Pollo and horse racing are the new pastimes of wealth.

    China’s super-rich not only spend billions on fancy cars, designed brands, world travel, but also enjoy playing Polo. The art of polo is distinctly Persian. The word “polo”, meaning “ball”, is derived from Balti, spoken in the region of Baltistan in Pakistan. In China, Polo is considered a luxury sport in which players both ride horses and skillfully hit the ball into the opponent’s goal to win. 

    Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club is the most luxurious polo club in China with a value of 2 billion dollars. To become a member, you must pay a minimum price of ¥380,000 (about $60,000).

    Polo players need to hire professional trainers, get on the international standard field with selected horses, and high-class equipment only. Every little detail must be of premium quality at sky-high costs. Therefore, this is a sport for those who are incredibly wealthy.

    There is a Chinese phrase “Qiānjīn mǎi mǎ gǔ”, which translates as “thousands of gold to buy horse bones”. This proves how much the nation values and appreciates the horses.

    More than just a sport in real life, horse racing is already present in the crypto world. With the perfect combination of 3 factors: Billions Dollar Cross-Platform Gaming Industry, Exciting Horse Racing and Unstoppable Blockchain Technology & NFTs, DeFiHorse is an amazing NFT game to look forward to in 2022. It is expected to bring the horse racing experience to a new level where players can not only participate in races but also earn real money.


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