Someone Locks Up $100,000 Worth of ETH for … 100 Years - An anonymous dev said that he accidentally locked up 5 ETH worth of $10,000 for 100 years.

    According to a post in the 4chan forum, while trying to run some tests to create a token called TEST on the Ethereum testnet, a dev accidentally locked up 5 ETH (approximately $100,000) for 100 years.

    “Hello sirs, trying to run some tests to create my first test token, just need to know what code snippet I need to use to be able to revoke ownership on ERC20 & if you have any resources I can see. Any dev help?”

    In fact, the dev created and locked LP in Ethereum mainnet instead of Ethereum testnet. As a result, he has to wait…100 years to get the fund back. This guy even locked 100% of the total supply into LP.

    After this story went viral, the market cap of TEST token surged to $6 million but then quickly dropped by 70%. While it is a sad story, many believe that it’s all a plan to attract attention. Some Twitterussers have even asked to reiterate the story 100 years later.

    It is not clear what the truth is, but this incident has made the crypto community excited. Another puzzling incident also happened recently, in which an anonymous shark burned $ 4.5 million in ETH, shocking the crypto community. 

    In the crypto space, “burning” refers to permanently removing tokens from circulation. This is typically done by sending them to a designated address. According to Lookonchain, the shark is holding 34,287 GMX tokens ($1.84 million) and 311,003 Gains tokens worth $1.43 million.

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