The Parallel Box Sale Starts from January 3rd – Here Are All Things You Need to Know!

    Join The Parallel sale event to be the first owners of in-game rare assets!

    NFT Box Sale is a Box selling program that helps Parallese own first Runes, the most important raw materials in The Parallel metaverse. With Runes, you can construct your own world and enhance the power of your characters and equipment. 

    “NFT Box Sale” announcement

    There will be a lot of rare Runes for lucky users in the event. This article will help you to participate in NFT Box Sale and gain these valued assets.  

    Detailed information of NFT Box Sales event 

    1. About NFT Boxes

    Rune Boxes are a type of NFT in The Parallel. Each Box will contain a number of Runes from various types and rarities. 

    There are 3 rarity levels of Boxes: Gold, Platinum and Diamond (ascending in order). The higher rarity of Boxes, the more Runes will be unlocked. 

    Boxes quantity and price each box: 

    • Gold Box: 5000 – $150 BUSD
    • Platinum Box: 3500 – $250 BUSD
    • Diamond Box: 1500 – $550 PRL
    NFT Boxes

    To buy these Boxes, participants will have to own early access purchase tickets in the Private Pool or participate in First Come First Served (FCFS) competition in the Public Pool. 

    • Private Pool: from 13h UTC 01/18/2022 to 13h10 UTC 01/18/2022 – Participants are ticket holders and arcording to FCFS.
    • Public Pool: 13:10 UTC 01/18/2022 – Participants are the entire community, and can only buy up to 1 Box at a time. Who want to buy more boxes will have to do more purchases.

    2. About Tickets

    With Tickets, you will have the right to buy Rune Boxes early in the Private Pool. The more rarity of Boxes, the more Tickets will be needed. Once your purchase is finished, Tickets will be burned.

    Required quantity of Ticket:

    • 1 Gold Box: 1 Ticket
    • 1 Platinum Box: 2 Tickets
    • 1 Diamond Box: 4 Tickets

    – How to collect Tickets? 

    The number of received Tickets will be based on the amount of PRL locked and the locking time. One user can lock up to 20,000 PRL and collect up to 30 tickets.

    • Time to lock PRL: 13h UTC 3/1/2022 – 13h UTC 18/1/2022 (up to 15 days)
    • PRL unlocking time: at least 5 days from the locked time

    – Following this formula to calculate your Tickets: 

    Ticket number calculation


    • Ticket number: number of tickets you can buy, 1 ticket = 10.000 point
    • PRL lock: all PRL you lock in the pool
    • Lock time: Number of PRL locking days (unit: day)
    • 10.000: number of points to earn 1 ticket


    • The larger number of PRL and locked time, the more tickets you will get.
    • If your ticket number is a decimal, round down to the previous whole number (2,6 ticket = 2 ticket)

    That’s all for NFT Sale Box event instructions. Want more details? Click on LINK!

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