Tips to Earn Most SLP in Axie Infinity

    Hare are some tips to get the maximum amount of SLPs every day.

    SLP (Smooth Love Potions) is the most important resource in the world of Axie Infinity. It is the fastest and easiest way to make money when playing this game. SLP can be used to breed new Axies or sell them to other players in the market for real-world money.

    While SLP is available for purchase as an ERC-20 token and listed on Binance, many players choose to earn SLP directly through the game. Keep reading our guide to learn how to get the maximum amount of SLPs every day.

    Ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity

    There are three ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity, including Daily Quests, Arena Mode, and Adventure Mode.

    Daily Quests

    By completing Axie Infinity’s three daily quests, you will be rewarded with 25 SLP. Originally, the reward was 50 SLP but it was reduced in early August. Unlike other games, Axie Infinity’s daily quests are unchanged and reset at 12:00 AM UTC every day.

    To earn 25 SLP you need to do the following things:

    – Daily check-in

    – Complete 10 Adventure Mode Levels

    – Win 5 Arena matches

    In the future, there may be more weekly quests and special events will be released for players to earn more SLP.

    Adventure Mode (PvE)

    By fighting against Lunacian monsters in PvE mode, you can earn up to 50 SLP per day. The amount of SLP you will earn from each level is random, but the higher the level, the more SLP is rewarded. The rewards for each win are as follows:

    – Level 1 – 4: 1 SLP

    – Level 5-9: 2 SLP

    – Level 10-14: 4 SLP

    – Level 15-16: 6 SLP

    From Level 17 to 20, the number of SLPs received is random. You can earn from 6-10 SLP for a win. At levels 21-36, the reward is between 10 and 20 SLP. Defeating two bosses at Level 21 and Level 36 will give you a reward of 200 SLP and 300 SLP respectively. However, these rewards can only be received once. It’s best to use max-level Axies for these battles if you are just trying to farm SLP, although leveling up your Axies will require spending Energy.

    Arena Mode (PvP)

    To earn SLP in the Arena, you will need to spend Energy. If you don’t have Energy, you won’t be able to earn SLP. Your only way to earn SLP without Energy is to play Adventure mode.

    The number of SLP you can earn from Arena matches is based on your rating. The higher your rating, the more SLP you earn:

    – Below 800 – No SLP achieved

    – 800-999 – 1 SLP per win

    – 1000-1099 – 3 SLP per win

    – 1100-1299 – 7 SLP per win

    – 1300-1499 – 8 SLP per win

    – 1500-1799 – 9 SLP per win

    – 1800-1999 – 10 SLP per win

    – 2000-2199 – 11 SLP per win

    – 2200+ – 12 SLP per win

    How to increase your Energy?

    Because Arena mode requires Energy to earn SLP, one way to increase your daily SLP farming earnings is to increase your Energy, hence, you can do more battles. The maximum amount of Energy points and the time it takes to refill depends on the number of Axies you own. For example, if you own 3-9 Axies, it will take you 6 hours to refill 5 Energy, which means you can refill 20 Energy per day. But if you own 20+ Axies, it only takes you 2 hours to refill 5 Energy.

    So to maximize the amount of SLP earned in a day, many players invest in over 20 Axies just to increase their Energy capacity.

    How to increase the amount of SLP you can get daily

    Let’s see an example of how all three factors work together to increase your daily SLP earnings:

    If you are a player at 1100-1300 MMR, you will get an average of 6 SLP per win. At 20 Energy, that’s a potential 120 SLP per day!

    But that assumes you win 100% of all the games you play, which is not very realistic. With a more realistic win rate of 50%, you can earn up to 60 SLP from the Arena with 20 Energy.

    But if you increase your Max Energy to 60 by owning more than 20 Axes, you can earn 180 SLP in the Arena with a 50% win rate.

    If you climb to the next rank at 1300-1400 MMR you can get 270 SLP per day with 50% win rate and 60 Daily Energy.

    If you try to get better at the game and increase your win rate by 10% you can get an average of 324 SLP per day with 9 SLP per win, 60% win rate and 60 Max Energy.

    To summarize, the formula to determine your average SLP earnings per day in Arena is:

    Daily SLP Gain = SLP earned per win based on rating * Max Daily Energy * Average win rate.

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