Top NFT Games to Play and Earn in 2022 – Don’t Miss Out!

    The crypto world, especially NFT games, has seen incredible growth in recent years.

    The huge success of Axie Infinity kicked off an NFT game craze. More and more developers and players are showing keen interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain games. Here are top play-to-earn games to look out for in 2022.

    Guild of Guardians

    Built on ImmutableX, the first layer-two solution built on Ethereum that focuses on NFTs, Guild of Guardians is one of the NFT games expected to boom in 2022. Similar to other blockchain games, Guild of Guardians in-game assets can be exchanged. The project seems to be of interest to investors and players with its NFT founder sale and token launch generating nearly $10 million in volume.

    The Guild of Guardians’ tokens (GOG) are ERC-20 tokens known as a “gem” in the game. Gems are key features in the game that can be used to mint in-game NFTs or interact with the markets. Gamers can earn gems by completing tasks in the game.


    Developed by South Korea-based company WeMade, MIR4 is a very popular mobile MMORPG game. Since it was released into the Korean market in November 2020, this game has attracted a large number of players that make it into the most downloaded list on many app stores in Korea such as Naver’s Onestore or Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

    The global version of MIR4 was launched on August 26 including elements of play-to-earn cryptocurrencies and NFT (non-fungible token) trading. The global version of MIR4 was initially launched in 170 countries and in 12 languages. 

    On global servers, players have the ability to trade “Darksteel”. These are in-game goods that players can earn by playing the game. Users who collect 100,000 units of Darksteel, which is considered an essential resource in the game, can melt them into one DRACO. Instead of cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, the game has its own wallet called the WEMIX wallet which is where you can store and trade your tokens. DRACO can then be exchanged into WEMIX Tokens via the Bithumb exchange.

    Galaxy Fight Club

    Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is not just an avatar project, it is a real-time PvP game to bring together all the other different NFT collections into one single platform that means you can log-in with an NFT you have already bought and battle with that character. Focusing on interoperability, GFC uniquely places high value on its original fighters but allows other avatars to battle for the opportunity to earn rewards. GFC is currently in beta testing. It is still unknown when this game will be launched but the community is hopeful for a Q1 2022 rollout.



    Splinterlands is a trading card game with a play-to-earn model where players can get rewards by winning matches. Although Splinterlands is free to play, you will need to make one or two necessary deposits to speed up your journey. Splintershards – the in-game currency – is listed on several exchanges and there are also daily quests that reward players with Splitershards upon completion.

    Splinterlands requires players assembling decks of cards with different combinations to complete challenges. Tournaments are also available in the game so that players can join for a chance to earn more rewards.

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