What is COMBO and Should You Invest in COMBO? - COMBO is a coin that is attracting the attention of many investors in recent months with its outstanding trading volume.

    What is COMBO?

    COMBO is a leading provider of scaling solutions for Web3 game development. By leveraging the world’s top game engine, COMBO is building an open-source, decentralized, game-oriented Layer2 that is accessible to everyone. It aims to maximize the potential of Web3 games by connecting game developers with the entire ecosystem in an efficient, affordable, and secure way.

    In fact, COMBI is not a new project. It was rebranded from Cocos-BCX (COCOS). Cocos-BCX (full name: Cocos BlockChain Expedition) is a public blockchain platform. Binance then completed the rebranding from Cocos-BCX (COCOS) to COMBO (COMBO). The distribution of COMBO (COMBO) was conducted at a ratio of 1 COCOS = 1 COMBO.

    COMBO smart contract addresses: 

    • Binance Chain (BEP20) : 0xc03fBF20A586fa89C2a5f6F941458E1Fbc40c661
    • Ethereum (ERC20): 0xc03fBF20A586fa89C2a5f6F941458E1Fbc40c661

    Special features of COMBO

    COMBO is different from other blockchain games as it is an all-in-one solution for blockchain game development, including game engine, image-based development environment, and public blockchain based on Graphene which is designed specifically for game apps. COMBO is designed to be interoperable on all blockchains and is being developed to address the scalability issues of current blockchains. It aims to achieve 100,000 transactions per second and is being tested to achieve high transaction rates.

    Web3 game development has long been plagued by three major issues: a lack of scalability, with low throughput, high transaction costs, and limited game development tools. COMBO aims to solve these issues for both experienced and newbie web3 developers:

    • High barrier to entry: COMBO offers a wide range of development tools to fully support game developers. In the future, COMBO will be compatible with more world-class game engines.
    • Unfinished Development Kit: Full-stack COMBO service and technical support help new developers quickly enter the space of web3.
    • High transaction cost: Starting with BNB Chain, COMBO is building a web3 game-oriented Layer 2 on multiple chains to achieve high scalability and minimize transaction costs.

    Development team

    Cocos-BCX, or Combo is a Hong Kong based platform for developers to create and launch blockchain-based games. Its development team are all people with many years of experience in various fields such as blockchain and crypto.

    Haozhi Chen: the co-founder of Cocos, and also CEO at Chukong Technologies – the sponsor of CocoaChina (the largest iOS development community in China). In addition, Haozhi was also a mobile game publisher and co-founder of

    Caterina Zhang: is currently a partner of the project. Caterina previously served as director of marketing and community at NEO Blockchain.

    Richard Duong: the co-founder of Cocos, investment director at MC Capital, and also co-founded other projects including and VP.

    Reed Hong: Head of R&D department at Cocos.

    Cocos-BCX raised $40 million in 2018 for its blockchain game development platform. They have also attracted the world’s top investors in the gaming sector including Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital, and more, to fulfill their mission of bringing over 1 billion players to web3.


    COMBO has proudly announced the first 24 partners that will support its ecosystem. These partners include some of the most well-known names in the Web3 space, such as DappRadar, NodeReal, Celer Network, Galxe, Particle Network as well as leading cloud providers such as Alibaba Cloud and the giant Cocos Engine IDE of the traditional gaming world.

    In February 2023, COMBO underwent a significant transition and repositioned itself as a scaling solution for Web3 game developers. They announced a global partnership with NodeReal, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, to develop the first game-focused update on BNB Chain. Total Series is based on the Optimistic Stack (OP) and will be the first game-oriented Layer 2 out there.

    Recently, China coins and HongKong coins are becoming trending as HONGKONG officially allowed limited crypto retail trading starting June 1. HongKong is actively promoting the growth of the Web3 community. Alibaba Cloud has committed to providing scalable, highly efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure, and has cooperated with partners to build the Web3.0 ecosystem in order to support the Web3 community in China. Luckily, COMBO has been partnered with Alibaba to provide these development kits.

    In addition, COMBO has partnered with a number of other blockchain projects that aim to promote the Web3 game space, including:

    • Binance Smart Chain: COMBO’s Web3 games based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will empower game developers to build and promote games quickly and efficiently.
    • Chainlink: COMBO has incorporated Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network into its Web3 game system, empowering game designers to access real information and APIs for their games.
    • Polygon: COMBO has partnered with Polygon to provide game engineers with a flexible and practical Layer 2 solution for building and sending Web3 games.
    • Animoca: COMBO has partnered with Animoca Brands to bring a Web3 gaming solution to Animoca’s growing blockchain gaming system.
    • Elrond: COMBO has cooperated with Elrond to empower game designers to fabricate and convey games on the Elrond blockchain, utilizing its quick and productive exchange speeds..

    In general, these organizations help strengthen COMBO’s situation as a major provider of Web3 game solutions, empowering the organization to offer game designers a wide range of assets and innovations for building and scaling decentralized games.


    COMBO is a utility token issued by the COCOS BCX (COMBO) ecosystem. It is used to exchange products and services in the ecosystem. COMBO is also used in other activities, such as voting, staking, rewarding, etc.

    Token Name: COMBO

    Binance Chain (BEP20) : 0xc03fBF20A586fa89C2a5f6F941458E1Fbc40c661

    Ethereum (ERC20): 0xc03fBF20A586fa89C2a5f6F941458E1Fbc40c661

    Token type: Utility.

    Total Supply: 100,000,000,000.


    Should you invest in COMBO?

    There are many reasons to prove that COMBO is a very potential project:

    The game industry is now growing stronger and stronger. According to Newzoo’s report, the global games market is expected to generate more than $218 billion in revenue by 2023 and this number will grow even more in the future. With the growth of Web3 games, projects like COMBO will certainly benefit greatly.

    As the Web3 gaming ecosystem evolves, game developers will continue to look for solutions that can deliver speed, scalability, and security. This is also the aim of COMBO.

    COMBO’s strategic partnership with big players like NodeReal, Albibaba Cloud, etc. proves that they appreciate the potential of COMBO.

    COMBO also features a decentralized governance model, the choices are made by the community. Community contribution is extremely important, which will help the project develop more sustainably. 

    COMBO’s friendly interface makes it easy for designers and gamers to explore the platform.

    HongKong is promoting crypto, and a blockchain game project based in Hong Kong like COMBO will certainly attract cash flow.

    As the COMBO ecosystem grows, the demand for COMBO tokens will increase. COMBO will be used to pay transaction fees, or 3rd party providers who want to provide services in this ecosystem will also have to pay fees in COMBO. So, as COMBO develops and receives great support, the number of users and transactions increase, the demand to buy COMBO will also increase, thereby affecting its price. Considering what COMBO is doing and is aiming for, we can set expectations on the future of this project.

    It should be noted, though, that the Web3 gaming sector is just beginning to grow.  After the boom of P2E titles, the market went through a long downturn and the coins in this field lost their heat. Currently, Web3 games need time to explode again, and COMBO needs a game on its platform that really really stands out for it to be known and attract more users.

    Moreover, the trend of Chinacoin – which pushed COMBO to increase the most in recent times – also does not guarantee to attract the cash flow forever. So, to invest in COMBO, you need to keep up to date with market news, about COMBO, about Web3 games, and especially crypto-related information in Hong Kong so that you can have a reasonable investment strategy.

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