NFT Game D.G.Pals Launches Official Website – What to Expect from This Project? 

    D.G.Pals announced its official website to provide brief introductions as well as the Roadmap of the project.

    It is no exaggeration to say that this year is an NFT year. We witnessed a great amount of NFT games released just in 2021. Besides big names like Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet, The Sandbox, there are also many potential projects still waiting for us to explore. Among those, we can’t miss out upcoming game named D.G.Pals. 

    About D.G.Pals

    D.G.Pals is a project from D.G.Verse ecosystem. Game will place in an unreal place called Panterra which is ruled by mother nature. There is a strange and magical creature living here called D.G.Pals. As a Panterra explorer, you will make friend with D.G.Pals, raise them and accompany them on exciting and fascinating adventures. 

    D.G.Pals trailer

    Currently, D.G.Pals has published its official website here with a lot of interesting information.  Let’s take a look and find more details about this project. 

    What do we have on D.G.Pals website? 

    Skimming at some images on website, we can see that game is designed with pixel art style, similar to many other retro games. This graphic style is quite unique, especially for those who are bored with stunning graphics games. 

    nft-game-d-g-pals-launches-official-website-what-to-expect-from-this-project 1
    D.G.Pals is designed with pixel art style

    Moreover, pixel art makes animals in the game look more adorable. Those who favor Pokemon or Digimon will definitely like this feature.  

    About gameplay, in general, D.G.Pals is a pretty easy game. You will own a sunny, tranquil farm. Your mission is to raise your D.G Pals, breed them, incubate eggs and wait until they hatch. D.G Pals after hatching will take time to mature. Once they grow up, you can use them as an NFT asset to join other games in the same ecosystem.

    Moreover,  players won’t be limited to their farm, they can go to other places and trade eggs with other players. Of course, this is NFT games, so D.G.Pals also has its own currency system called D.G.Coin to facilitate the exchange. Players can use these coins to buy more pets and make more profit from those. 

    Those are brief introductions about gameplay and the play-to-earn system, what more can we see about this game? 

    When it comes to an NFT project, Roadmap is something can’t miss out on. With D.G.Pals, the developer provided us with a very clear route to get updates about the game on their website. You can see in this picture: 

    nft-game-d-g-pals-launches-official-website-what-to-expect-from-this-project 2
    D.G.Pals Roadmap

    Furthermore, as launching day approaches, there will be a bunch of fascinating events with a lot of attractive gifts. So don’t forget to note down the Roadmap and information on website to not miss any interesting news!

    Last but not least, D.G.Pals team has also planned to develop more games in the D.G.Verse. You can click on the links below to find out more information about D.G.Pals and other projects in the same ecosystem:





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