Guild of Guardians Overview – What Do We Have In This Blockbuster NFT Game?

    Let’s take a deep dive into the most awaited P2E game and see why this game is considered to be a big hit of 2022.

    Although there have been many fantasy RPGs built on NFT based technology, Guild of Guardians is still a prominent name. The world of Guild of Guardians offers a great gaming experience as well as innovative mechanics, attracting not only crypto investors but also gamers to join its ecosystem.

    From a perfect combination of ‘Diablo’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

    Guild of Guardians cinematic teaser

    Inspired by 2 cult-classic gacha games ‘Diablo’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ Guild of Guardians is a fascinating fantasy action RPG, in which players embark on thrilling adventures in dark dungeons to collect valued resources. These resources are used to create rare items and heroes which can be sold for real money. 

    Moreover, there will be random battles and obstacles within the journey to stimulate players’ competitiveness. Setting up an alliance is the perfect option to get through these challenges. In a team, players will work with others, contribute to their Guild, and develop strategies to complete the most difficult content in the game. 

    What’s more? In this fantastic world, players can be anyone, from mages, warriors, elves, to orcs with different abilities for each character. 

    To an open-world economy with an appealing P2E mechanism

    Guild of Guardians team aims to build the world’s most popular RPG where passion for gaming can turn into real assets. A deep and sustainable economy offers players an enjoyable experience, while simultaneously earning massive income in various ways, such as guild crafting, hero merging, daily token rewards, leaderboard prizes. 

    The world’s most popular RPG where passion for gaming can turn into real assets

    One of the unique aspects of the Guild of Guardians economy is the ‘rewards pool’ when using Gem (in-game currency). Any Gem used in the game will be sent to this ‘pool’ and distributed proportionately to all Gem holders who actively staking. This currency will also be utilized for governance and voting.

    As for cheating, hacking, or other forms of scams, the project is also integrated an anti system to track down and prevent these activities. 

    Offering many unique features

    • Engaging and exciting RPG: Guild of Guardians is a mixture of role-playing and strategy games, with a dynamic commercial economy and social gameplay. This feature will help retain players in the long run.
    • P2E: The game allows players to play and earn for free, and will be rewarded with NFT and GOG tokens.
    • In-game economy: The GOG token is the driving force behind the Guild of Guardian’s economy. Players can earn more $GOG by playing and spending hero or items. A portion of game revenue will be redistributed to staking token participants. 
    • Incentive community: Development team believes that community is the key value to their project. As a result, the game will reward community for the contributions to develop the overall ecosystem and empower creators to build the game metaverse.
    • Highly accessible: Guild of Guardians will be available on iOS and Android, making it hyper-accessible to everyone. The underlying technology will be based on Immutable X, allowing players to enjoy instant and gas-free trading, eventually without even knowing they are using the blockchain. 

    And being backed by a trustworthy team

    Guild of Guardians is developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable. This partnership combines Immutable’s expertise and technology in the blockchain gaming space with Stepico’s proven ability to develop mobile games to deliver an industry-breaking game to players.

    They currently have a dedicated team of more than 20 full-time professionals, including developers, designers, artists working on the game. Their core team is highly entrepreneurial, with deep expertise in NFT, blockchain, and traditional game development.

    Guild of Guardians team

    About Stepico Games

    This is a leading Ukrainian game development studio that has a dozen designers, artists, and developers. They work on top-of-the-line gaming projects and are actively involved in developing innovative solutions for the entertainment industry. The team has developed multiple strategy and RPG mobile games, which have a total download of more than 5 million.

    About Immutable 

    A worth $17m VC-funded blockchain company backed by giant markets such as Naspers, Galaxy Digital, and Coinbase. Immutable is responsible for launching the most successful blockchain Trading Card Game, Gods Unchained, headed by Chris Clay, the former director of Magic the Gathering Arena. They have also developed Immutable X, the first Ethereum layer two designed for NFTs. 

    Other notable information

    1. Tokenomics

    Token Metrics

    • Token Name: GEMS
    • Token Ticker: GOG
    • Blockchain: Etherum
    • Token Standard: ERC-20
    • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

    Token Allocation

    • Player Rewards: 35% ~ 350,000,000
    • Community Development: 28% ~ 280,000,000
    • Developers: 20% ~ 200,000,000
    • Guardians Corporation: 6% ~ 60,000,000
    • Public Sale: 6% ~ 60,000,000
    • Private Sale : 5% ~ 50,000,000

    Token Usecase

    GEMS is used to: 

    • Pay for the NFT minting
    • Purchase NFTs during Pre-sale and on Marketplace.
    • Gift for players through staking.
    • Govern and vote for future features of the Game.
    • Optimize gas costs of transactions and ensure player security.

    2. Roadmap

    Find more information on Guild of Guardians via: 

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